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The Boy in the Back

by Pickering Pick

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released September 18, 2010

The Boy in the Back was produced by Pickering Pick in California during August and September, 2010.

Cover photograph taken by Nolan Browne.

All songs written by Sam Pickering Pick © Longshanks Songs (ASCAP).


all rights reserved



Pickering Pick California

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Track Name: My Dreams Are All My Own
I have the means but I don’t have the will
I have the talent but I don’t have the skill
I have a lot but I don’t have my fill
But I do know my dreams are all my own

I have a body but I don’t have a soul
I have objectives but I don’t have a goal
I have the parts but I don’t have the whole
But I do know my dreams are all my own
Track Name: Glad
All the plans I made and placed in wooden boxes
And set upon the shelves of paper houses
I have failed to visit all of my intentions
I know, I know, I have forsaken them

All the friends I made and placed in special boxes
And set out to impress them in these clever ways
All I’ve done is hurt them, in the worst way
I have not been honest with anyone

(I don’t know why you like me but I’m glad you do)

All the chances I’ve had I’ve left in careless places
Then wondered why I can’t get what I want
I have been a small fish in a very big ocean
It’s not the worst way to live
Track Name: Holland Park
The girl in long boots on the platform
Is carefully playing a game
For the boy in the back of the carriage
Who is finally single again
You left the city after breakfast
I met you on the train
And we walked in Holland Park
Until it started to rain

You in your perfect arrangement
Everyone stealing a look
Me in my place on the end of your arm
Like a second-hand book
You left me there at the station
While I counted the trains
Then I walked in Holland Park
In the early evening rain
Track Name: Annabel
I’m going now and don’t think I’ll be back soon
No storms rage on the dark side of the moon
Only blue skies from here on I’ll can feel it, I can feel it
Don’t wait up for me, Annabel

You’ll be silver in your new way, you’ll be perfect
I’ll be darker, but the light shines within me too
Only great thoughts from now on, I promise, I promise
Don’t wait up for me, Annabel

And the sound you hear will be the sound of my heart as it moves on
I hope you hear it, I hope you hear it
And the sound that you hear will be the sound of a new man as he moves on
I hope you hear him, I hope you hear him

From the window of your bedroom to the backroom of your mind
There’s still a light that beckons you out into the dark
Only new dawns from here on, I just know it, I just know it
Don’t wait up for me, Annabel
Track Name: Almost Gone
Come, my heart, and rest in here
There is no need for going on
The sky is closing and the sun is almost gone
Come, my heart

Sing, my soul, the gift is yours
A brighter day is coming on
The earth is open and the sun is almost gone
Sing, my soul

Hush, my mouth, no words are needed
Your time is not long
The ocean waits and the sun is almost gone
Hush, my mouth

Peace, my mind, be forever still
The world is all wrong
The path is silence and the sun is almost gone
Peace my mind
Track Name: I'll Go Easy
Well I know my time is short
My days are counted and my skills are nought
I know the love I’ve spent on earth
Is not for keeping
I’ve seen your face through all the tears
Your words spoke softly all down the years
But it’s not time for idle thoughts
Nor ever should be

And I’ll go easy when I go
I won’t hesitate oh, no no no

If you see me one last time
Please don’t ask me to stay behind
All the mistakes I’ve made on earth
They are my own
And the way that you give your love
You’ll find a new one to be proud of
But it’s not me, and never was
Nor ever could be

(Goodbye, my loves, goodbye, goodbye)